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With the goal of continuous skills improvement, the Ombudsman de Gatineau takes a special interest in best practices. The ombudsman is involved in many different associations and takes part in the groupe de codéveloppement des ombudsmans municipaux activities.

The associations

Quebec’s municipal ombudsman offices

External resources

If the Ombudsman de Gatineau cannot intervene on your behalf, it is still mandated to inform and guide you by referring you to an external resource that will be able to guide you. Below is a list of external resources that operate in the Ville de Gatineau:

Outaouais Community Justice Center

The Outaouais Community Justice Center (OCJC) has for mission to promote access to justice for citizens of the Outaouais region, by offering legal information, support and referral services, in complement with existing resources.

Droit-Accès de l’Outaouais

We provide an individual or collective process of assistance, support and rights advocacy for vulnerable individuals suffering from a mental health problem and whose rights are likely to be affected.

Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner of the Outaouais integrated health and social services centre

As a user (client, patient) of the health and social services system, you have the right to safe and high quality care and services. If you are not satisfied with the care or service you receive or you feel that your rights as a user have not been respected, you can file a complaint with the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner.

Centre d’assistance et d’accompagnement aux plaintes (CAAP Outaouais)

CAAP-Outaouais is a regional community organization mandated by the Minister of Health and Social Services to assist you in filing a complaint regarding health and social services offered by a public institution. All our services are free and confidential

Protecteur du Citoyen

We intervene every day to prevent or correct infringement of rights, abuse, negligence, inaction or errors that affect citizens in their dealings with:

  1. A department or an agency of the Government of Québec;
  2. An institution within the health and social services network (generally as a second instance).

L’alternative Outaouais

The Alternative Outaouais is an alternative justice organization with a regional mandate whose mission is to:

  1. Provide alternative justice expertise to youth and victims involved in an offence, involving the community in the repair of harm done;
  2. Encourage the active involvement of citizens in the search for and development of peaceful and ongoing dispute resolution mechanisms that do not involve the courts.

Comité de déontologie policière

The Comité exercises its jurisdiction over police officers, wildlife protection officers, special constables, highway controllers and UPAC investigators who must answer to the Comité for breaches and omissions charged against them when investigations from the Commissaire warrants such action.

Clinique de droit notarial de l’Outaouais

The Clinique de droit notarial de l’Outaouais has been at your service for the past 10 years to guide you and give you access to free legal information in notarial law.