Step 1 - Register your two requests at the 311

1.1 Exhaustion of your administrative remedies

As a general rule, citizens must have registered two requests at the 311 before requesting the intervention of the Ombudsman de Gatineau.

Step 2 - Filing your complaint

When the Ombudsman of Gatineau receives a request, an acknowledgement of receipt is sent.

Step 3 - Preliminary examination

The administrative assistant carries out the preliminary examination (± 5 days) with the ombudsman, builds a case file and confirms that your request is within the scope of the Ombudsman de Gatineau. They will reach out to the citizen to get more information and to inform them of the process.

Step 4 - Status

4.1 Accepted

The Ombudsman de Gatineau consults resolution No.CM-2019-100 to determine whether your request falls within the scope of the Ombudsman de Gatineau and whether you have exhausted all of your administrative recourses

4.2 Not accepted

The Ombudsman de Gatineau justifies the non-admissibility of a request based on resolution No. CM-2019-100.

Step 5 - Processing and conclusion

5.1 Intervention

The ombudsman works with the municipal administration to resolve a problem.

  • As a result of an intervention, the Ombudsman de Gatineau can correct a problem in your favour or confirm fair treatment of your request on behalf of the Ville de Gatineau
5.2 Investigation

The ombudsman carries out an investigation with the administration to determine if:

  • The municipal administration handled your file in a fair manner;
  • Recommendations are required to resolve your problem and prevent the situation from repeating itself for you and other residents of Gatineau.
    • As a result of the investigation, the ombudsman may make recommendations to the municipal administration to improve the internal process, make changes to regulations, etc.
5.3 Information and referral

If the Ombudsman de Gatineau cannot intervene on your behalf, you will be informed of the reason your complaint was not accepted and you will be oriented to:

  • The appropriate service, if your request is related to a municipal service
  • An external resource that will be able to help and inform you, if your request is not related to the municipal administration