Filing a complaint or a request to intervene

Before filing a complaint

  • Have you exhausted all available options?
  • Have you contacted 3-1-1 or your Service Centre?

Your complaint is admissible if the Ville de Gatineau or its representative :

  • may have acted in an unreasonable, unfair, abusive or arbitrary fashion;
  • may have failed in their duty or were guilty of misconduct or negligence;
  • may have, while exercising its discretionary power, acted unjustly, based on irrelevant motives, or may not have explained its decision when it was required to do so.

How to file a complaint?

By filling in the online form

Filing a complaint

  • Personal Information

  • Nature of your request*

    Please write a short summary of your complaint (add pages as needed and attach any relevant documents), and outline, in chronological order, the steps you have taken to date in an attempt to resolve the problem. Name Ville de Gatineau officials with whom you have discussed your file.
  • Expected outcome

    What solution would you consider satisfactory?
  • Information contained in this form as well as any attached documents will remain confidential and will only be shared with persons authorized to process your request.
  • Read the terms of use
    Read the privacy policy

Other options

Other options are available. You may…

  • Print this form and send it to the address listed below. Forms are also available at services centers, municipal libraries and in the office of the Bureau de l’ombudsman.
  • Send your request by email at
  • Contact us by telephone at the number listed below or visit our office.

Bureau de l’ombudsman
115, Principale Street, 2nd floor
Box 1970, Station Hull
Gatineau, QC J8X 3Y9
Telephone: 819 595-4141